One of the girls who I'm dating introduced me to her friends as her boyfriend, What does that mean?

I'm the guy who asked questions about dating two girls at a time. Now one them introduced me to her friends as her boyfriend. I was thinking we were at dating levels not in relationship but it was clear that she is thinking something else. I love her and would be happy with her but I love the other girl too and didn't decide between them yet. And these surprises make it harder to find with wich one I want to continue.


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  • It usually means she's marking her territory among her friends. At the same time, it's possible she just means she really likes you. Most girls don't do that (introduce you as a boyfriend) without letting you know ahead of time. Unless she's nervous about how you might feel about her. if you like her, get serious. If not, move on cause it's not kool hurting people.


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  • Wow, you will never learn. Jerk.

    • I'm not a jerk what I'm doing is giving time to know them better and decide who I love the most.

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    • I got it but my situation doesn't allow me to tell them the truth right now. Don't want to lose both of them by saying them the truth I want to be with one of them at the end. Its started by a mistake and now I'm looking for a way to end things up in peace.

    • God I hope this blows up in your face.

  • she thinks you are her boyfriend then.

    • But we were at dating not in relationship.

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