How do I get our old relationship back?

This may sound bad but I am the worst person when it comes to relationships. Either they play me, stop liking me or I leave them because I either get bored or stop having feelings for them like I had before. When I started "talking" to my one of my best friends old crushes (he never liked her, they never flirted or dated) she had a couple problems with us flirting with each other but we both gained too many feelings to stop she tried to mess up a lot of things but never did. Everytime we had a couple bad moments we would always bounce back. We "talked" for 2 months and talked about actually dating but I didn't care if we did or not I just wanted to be with him, I never brought up dating either it was always him. I had one problem which I got annoyed with many times was that we never ha dye time to hang out, even if we made the plans they would never happen. Until he started being distance which made me confused and he told me that he didn't feel like dating right now and just wanted to be friends. Inside I was heart broken but acted like it was nothing because I didn't want to look crazy. I saw him out later that summer with 2 girls and his brother like they were all over him. We started texting more lately but just a friends even though I would like more, he started flirting with me again but I didn't wanna look desperate so I just treated him like a friend, like he wanted. He shared some secrets with me that he didn't want people to know yet and I kept them which I think made us closer but now I feel like he could care less and less if we talk to not. He's told me that he wants to workout with me sometime should I ask if he wants to tomorrow? I really like him and don't want him to leave but I wanna make sure he wants to stay if he comes back. What should I do?


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  • you have to talk to him about it.


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