We texted back and forth all day long before we met and now it's like a few everyday if that. Is that normal?

So me and this girl met online and we got it off and messaged eachother everyday all day long until we met and then the date went amazing! We conversed, laughed and held eye contact for long periods of time. I ended the date by wAlking her to her car and hugging her and we made eye contact and I lightly kissed her. She texted me 20 minutes later thanking me for the nice evening. We planned a second date but we both are busy and still haven't hung out yet and it's been 2 weeks. We still text but not as much! This girl makes me feel alive and she "could be the one" as she's different from any girl I've ever dated. Just the question is I will reply to her texts like a day later sometimes and she will reply right away and act all interested and as soon as j ask her "how was work" or something like hag I get no response. Is it because she's busy or not interested or just playing hard to get and paying me back for taking so long to reply to her? I really hate this texting bullshit.


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  • yeah its normal.

    • She will reply back to me instantly after I took a day or so but then she ignores me when I ask her how work was or something like that!

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