I left her. I got to know Can I get her back?

All this starts back in 8th Grade. She stood me. She invited me to the prom with her and change her mind last minute, She still showed up but with one of her friends. I had taken this as us being Together. She broke my heart. She played me. (Also my parents wasted $50 on this.) I over looked this and still tried to go with her in 9th Grade. Turn me down every time... Fast forward to senior year she finally takes interest in me. The Obvious things hug on me (she hugged other guys as well.) & tell her friends who would tell me. . At First i told her no, but eventually I decided to got with. I still was cautious. I thought maybe she do it again. I came up with the "brilliant" Idea to make her work for it... When I saw her not really caring not really "working" for it. I left her for another girl (who was always greeting me, then i developed a crush for her. )... BIG MISTAKE... I later found out how serious she was. She had told EVERYONE & they would ask me. I apologized so many times. Once the girl I left her for tried to help me get her back. A year later... I asked almost EVERYONE I KNOW for advice they said talk to her. I must have blown up her face book with messages. Now I really want her back. When she broke my heart She didn't care. she didn't apologized. I gave second CHANCES. I got to if I can get ONE. I'm at a community college, but in a year or two I'm going to a college in the same city as her college. I know i will bump in to her at some point. I still care about her. I know i'm not innocent (Selfish I think this would never happened If she never did all this. also we never had any conversation or kind of communication.) but , I just want an honest attempt... WITHOUT my paranoia. I stop bugging her on 6/4/15" You stood me at 8th grade prom I gave you a second chance, but i guess that was different." Not sure if it worked. Usually she makes sure I see that she saw my messages, this she deleted it & left it as if she didn't see it. I don't know if is guilt. More...
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PART TWO or what. I really hope this does work. One of my friends told me that she was hiding her feelings since at least sophomore year. also. I never actually told her why i left her. I don't know if that would make difference or not. also i had to add the other girl had a what I thought at the was a boyfriend but it was her cousin.(I know I'm an Idiot, you don't have to beat me up over this. I done a pretty good job myself.)
PART 3. She had told me but it was too late. also they were always around one another. He was always hugging up on her and things. As far I know they both are out a the same college. I seen everyone else get second chances even on of my friends who hit his girl last year & now they engaged. I'm rambling anyway... have a nice day & wish me luck. Thanks in advance. Or if's possible we could be friends. I just do want anything too awkward.


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  • She won't come back. Forget about her.


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  • Solidly not worth it dude. It will suck to hear that... I have been there... a lot of us have been there. Perhaps try to make it to a different college. Regardless the simple phrase suck it up and drive on is the only info I can give on this because time is the only thing that can help wounds like that.


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