My parents won't let me drive on a date?

So, my parents won't let me drive the girl that I like on a date. What should I do? Can I convince them to let me? Can y'all help?


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  • You're 16. I guess you haven't been driving a lot. They need to trust you. How can you convince them to trust you? That's usually very difficult.. especially if you have a bad track record (not just driving). Do you have a bad track record of trust with your parents?

    • Not really, I don't think I do. I am a fairly good kid and get alright grades. I'm almost 17 actually. My parents trust me as driver but I don't think they trust me in general. They actually really want me to date this person, so I was thinking that I could say if they wanted me to date her then they have to let me drive. Would that work?

    • Give it a try! You know your parents better than I do!

    • Thanks! Good luck!

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