A girl who likes guns, red flag?

Is this a reason to be concerned? I mean what if she thinks im cheating even if im innocent and kills me?
I might add she is insecure and jealous person


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  • It completely depends on her personality and past. If she's a drama queen, has a bad past with guys, if she seems crazy, etc... then I'd be worried.

    However, just because someone says the like guns, it's not a red flag. Maybe she grew up appreciating target shooting? Maybe she collects them? Maybe she likes to hunt? Maybe she's just trying to sound like a "guys girl"?

    A normal person who likes guns, isn't going to kill you for cheating. A crazy girl might kill you for cheating... even if she doesn't have a gun. She might just stab you to death.

    The real red flag is the girl's character; drama queen/crazy/not mature/daddy issues/very materialistic, etc...

    • Thank you for the great answer, can you please clarify the concept of "guys girl" and why do girls do that?

    • a "guys girl" is a girl who tries too hard to be every guys version of a "perfect woman". I know a girl who pretends to be into video games (she'll take a selfie of her in a shirt with her boobs hanging out with a game controller in her hand and caption it "i'm such a nerd! ;) or pretends to like dirt bikes or shooting guns... but constantly posts selfies of her wearing bikinis or sexy outfits while doing these things... to give the image that she's every man's dream. She want's to make it seem like she can hang with the guys and not be all girly about stuff.

      Certainly, there are beautiful girls out there who like to do those things, but sometimes girls just do it to attract guys and don't actually enjoy doing those things... and you can usually tell because it's obvious they are trying too hard and are seeking some sort of validation by posting about it on social media. A woman who is confident and secure in herself, doesn't have to try so hard.

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  • That's kind of ridiculous. Liking guns is not a sign of a mental problem or a lack of impulse control. Just because someone likes or owns guns doesn't mean they would kill someone outside of self-defense. I own several guns, I also understand the massive responsibility of owning a gun and taking every safety precaution necessary. If someone has mental health problems, then yeah, that's not someone I would be around if they have a gun. However, if someone is a normal human being, not a criminal, and mentally sane, it shouldn't be an issue.

  • How is that a red flag?


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  • hahhahaha not to say she likes guns she will shoot you. i like cars and i am not planning on running someone over

  • Not necessarily! Not all gun owners are whackos! Mental health is an entirely different issue. If you see signs that she's crazy, then leave her alone!


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