How long does it take you to know you're in love?

How long does it usually take you to know you're in love, then how long after that do you wait to say it?


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  • 20 minutes.

    Seriously though it can be days, weeks, months. or even right when people meet.


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  • you will know when i start doing stupid things
    the time to say is after i start doing stupid things

    • LOL what are 'stupid things'?

    • i start to talk about things i don't usually talk about
      and i give extreme attention to her and everyone will notice

    • i will know *

What Girls Said 3

  • It takes me a few months to fall in love with someone deeply with all my heart.
    well when i first of all started talking with my boyfriend in school time before we got into a serious relationship, we used to talk with each other very sweetly and politely a little bit nervousness was mixed in our talks but with the passage of time when we became good friends we started to open up we became so crazy great friends that everyone thought of us as a couple
    but we weren't (at that time). we talked everyday. not even a single day we missed without talking to each other. we also went everywhere together. i only liked him a little bit in the beginning i wasn't sure if i love him or not but then i knew i loved him when he didn't came to school for 2 weeks because his grandmother died , he didn't even come online on facebook i missed him so much that i started crying secretly thinking that maybe he moved or maybe he doesn't likes me anymore i became afraid to lose him and i knew i loved him... and it took me 3 months to tell him i loved him

    • Yeah I feel like I know within 2 months or so if the relationship is moving in that direction. That is when we start opening up and spending a lot of time together... I usually know they are 'something different' by a month... by 3 months there's no hiding it or turning back.

      Truthfully I think if I'm not feeling it by month 3 it probably isn't going to happen but I know some people say it takes 6 months. Love is tricky if you don't nurture it early on I think it can go away pretty quickly. That's the one thing I've learned... neither partner can put it on cruise control and expect things to be just as great forever...

    • It can also take a year to be honest
      because when i became friends with my boyfriend we both knew that we liked each other (and speaking truthfully there is no difference between like and love) yet we postponed our feelings we both were shy to confess our feelings to each other. Beleive it or not we were already in love with each other but we always acted as if we'r only "great friends" it was so hard for both of us to stay as just great friends when we were in love with each other it took us one year to be honest about our feelings
      it's alright. it's not a compulsory to love someone within 3 months. true love is worth the wait it can also take 6 months or a year :)

  • I believe there isn't any "timing" when you know you know, now don't get me wrong there can be a different between being inlove and being inlust.. so you usually give yourself time to figure out, over the period you know. I know in both of my long term relationships it took around 3-5 months for them to express their love to me.

  • About a month. I don't say it i just show


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