Girls, Would you be okay if guy a guy pays you to be his kinda pretend girlfriend?

I have Aspergers and I've never been able to make friends let alone charm a girl to be my girlfriend or even hangout with me, I'm on very strong antidepressants because I've struggled with depression and loneliness all my life because of this. I'm not hot, funny or charming, so a girls never been interested in me. Like if I asked some random girl on a social networking site or somewhere. I want to pay her to hangout with me, and kiss me because I've never been kissed before :(

Would you be okay if guy a guy pays you to be his kinda pretend girlfriend?



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  • I agree with @girlscoutsrevenge about the girl basically being an escort.

    If a random guy ever offered to pay me to hang out with him or kiss him I would be offened, or automatically think there is somthing wrong with him.

    And if a girl did accept your offer there would be a good chance that she would never actually have any feelings for you, she would just want the money.

    • There is something wrong with me.

    • Asker, there isn't something wrong with you, you just don't operate like most people do. You're wired a little differently, you are not "wrong". You need to ditch that attitude.

    • @GirlScoutsRevenge Maybe there is no girl that will understand me or even care. Okay I'm done ranting lol. What do you suggest?

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  • Don't do it. Your special god created you with all your gifts and issues for another person. I know its hard dating sucks but it will happen at some point

  • depends on how much your paying and how desperate I am. Because I do not want to be a prostitute.

  • Dude, that's called an escort or prostitute.

    • Did I mention anything about sex? No.

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    • Then kiss your mother if you need a kiss so bad.

      It is sexual, you know it is.

    • I want a kiss from a girl.

  • not okay with that.


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