Has he lost interest? Or am I overthinking?

This really cute guy I met has recently started snapchatting me and liking all my photos on Instagram, which has been really fun.
So one night, we were snapchatting each over and he said he really wanted a cuddle buddy aka me. I said I couldn't hang with him this week, but next week would work.
He seemed excited and replied with an, 'okay, sounds good to me 😏' and so I then said, 'haha, alright. So it's a date! Well, kinda not really lol.' And then he replied with something like, 'haha alright so I'll take you out to dinner and then we can go back to my place and just chill. So it's a date?' And I just said, 'alright that sounds great :)' but he took forever to answer the snapchat. Once he did, it was a simple, 'okay cutie.' And afterwards, I told him I refer to go to bed. 40 ish minutes later he opened and replied with 'good night'.
So, does he now think that I wanted this to be a date? And was turned off by it? Because my plan wasn't a date lol. But is that what he thought I wanted and is now turned off by it? Or... am I overthinking?


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What Guys Said 1

  • i don't think he was turned-off as u assume... after all he was da one who suggested u to go to his place to "chill"... wasn't he?

    he just delayed to reply... not turned-off


What Girls Said 1

  • Yup ur over thinking


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