Ask a girl out?

I will attend university in fall. If i see a girl i want to ask out and get to know better, what should I do? Especially if she is surrounded by friends? Do i wait? I don't want to look desperate or try too hard, but don't want to lose her to someone else. Or have her be locked with her friend circles. I had a tough time making friends in high school due to cliques (both guys and girls). Help, please :( . will being indian and not having muscles be an issue?


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  • being an indian and muscless is NO issue unless u bump into some racist assholes or gals who just want rpped guys.

    anyway... if she's surrounded by friends as u say then obviously u should join her friends group to draw her attention first.

    and ask out gals u've talked before by some degree so u won't pass as weird!

  • Just find a time to talk to her. And after talking for awhile asker to go get coffee with you at some time.

    Going to a coffee shop is the best first date/ hanging out with the girl your randy for.