How do you tell if a guy just wants to be your friend or your boyfriend?

I am going to be a Freshman and he is going to be in 10th grade. I met him at a festival with my best friend and she knew him from their church. They are Mormons but I am not. I am worried that he might like her. I am Christian and love God so I hope that wouldn't sway his idea about me. We went off and talked a lot during the festival and were laughing and being very silly. We talked about sports and are interests are pretty similar. But I'm worried that he might see me as just one of the guys even though I can be very feminine also. Oh, and the day after that I called him on the phone and we hung out at the REC center which was a lot of fun. We are going to hang out again today. What do you think?


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  • you sound like fiends, and to be honest when mixing religions if head it ca be a bit of trouble, even if there both Christian.

    my advice to would be that you should tell him you like him and see were it goes, worst thing he can say is no.


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