Should I keep talking to him? What should I do?

I started following this guy on Instagram that I saw went to my school and he followed me back. We have some mutual friends but we haven't met in person. We've been snapchatting each other for about a week and he's really nice. I found out him and his girlfriend just broke up though. I definitely wouldn't want to be a rebound but I think there's potential of us liking each other. His personality seems really good but I don't think we have much In common. We have similar beliefs and would probably get along but other than that were opposites. I'm really determined in school and he hates it and I'm really athletic and he's more into music. I told him I want to go on a hike and he said we should together with some friends but after we hang out a little bit. Do you think I have a chance?


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  • Yes why not , you should hang out more time of course just two :)


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