Do you think she lost interest or playing hard to get?

Hey I have a girl in my college she seems sweet SPECIALLY toward me because she treats other guys really bad exept me she started talking to me asking me to give her my notes and we did have a conversation after 2 days I added her on facebook and she confirmed my request and we did talk on facebook everyday and she seemed so interested and after a month she gave me her phone number and told me that she don't give it to anyone just her close friends and we kept texting till vacations and everything was fine (she was always starting the conversation with me) and once she sent me that she likes me and she don't want me to change with her she will be really upset. She used to call me just to tell me that a guy in college added her and she didn't confirm his request and some stupid stuff then she asks me how I am and where am I (i really enjoyed this stupid stuff she was saying :P ) and everytime she passes by the college she calls me and talk about 30 minutes telling me how was her day and asks me to meet her there and we met 3 times. The problem is that now she don't start the conversation with me , Sometimes she don't answer my messages wich really annoys me and I think she is less interested in me the last message she told me she has a lecture in Monday and I told her you said you don't take physics this summer she didn't reply so i asked her why didn't you answer she said I did type but forgot to send it i'm sorry but I told her I don't trust her she is lying. Did she lose interest in me?
by the way she is extremely if this is important and thanks

Extremely shy ** sorry I was typing fast


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  • I hate to judge but seems like she plays men for attention or whatever. Playing games. You were good enough when she needed notes and she did everything that lined up with a role she seem to play, meeting you, etc, but then dropped you of no and where and most likely lying to you. I wouldn't be worried that she's playing hard to get. If I was you and distance is what she wants all of a sudden I would be glad. Whatever games she is playing I'm sure you don't want that in your life. If she wanted to be with you she would have. So either she was just playing games or you got friend zoned. The thing I have learned in life is you have to be careful of people that talk about others in the manner that she does because you don't know if that person would talk about you in that way to others. You said she's extremely? Did you mean extremely hot? Well if so that my be going to her head and letting her feel as if she can treat guys however she wants since they are probably always after her.

    • I meant extremely shy and always blushing when she sees someone that knows her when we are walking together she think that people would talk about her but I don't know she was really sweet to me exactly why did she ask me exactly about the notes not anyone else?
      I was thinking maybe if she treats me differently that means that she likes me. by the way she is really hot too lol

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    • Thank you for these nice words :) I really hope that too because I met a lot of she is the only one I feel bad for losing her even if she is acting bad to me sometimes. I think I should wait a little and see probably she is doing this for a reason or something maybe I said something wrong but I doubt it. Again thank you for your concern. Best wishes for you

    • Definitely if it is possible that you said or did something that probably may have accidentally set her off than I agree just wait it out and give it time. If it gets to the point where things are not improving and stuck maybe when the time is right just have real talk with her and apologize if there is anything that you may have did (but when the timing is right and things are not getting better). It takes a lot for someone like that to open up and let you in, so you obviously dis something right. The best of luck to you!

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  • "by the way she is extremely "<--- xtremely wot xactly?

    anyway... when u say she treats other guys bad? how do u define bad?
    givin u her # isn't a little thing actually... and her srartin convrsations even better!! hmm maybe she felt u didn't start conversations often so she became more distant as a result?

    • She treats them bad means if a guy starts a conversation with her she tells them to back off kindly and sometimes she says I don't wanna talk to you so go now I'm not in the mood for talking and she keeps blocking them on facebook when they add her she told me I think i treat you specially lol but I started to start a conversation with her that was the last time and that was the result lol

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    • She said she registered it late and didn't tell me. I forgot to tell she was really a good student the 1st term but the 2nd term she got all bad grades she got 3 F in some courses and told me she hate to talk about grades and college I kept asking her what did she do and she was so shy to tell me and when she finally told me she made me swear not to tell anyone in college

    • so i guess maybe she THOUGHT u talk about it...

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