Tell his girlfriend about his sexting?

A guy led me on as he didn't tell me that he had a girlfriend. Eventually I found out as I threatened to stop contact with him if he didn't tell me what was going on.
He gave in and told me about her, but he continued texting me etc. He was very suggestive and even showed me his *d...* on Skype etc.
I suppose he wanted kind of a online "fling" as he avoided seeing me physically. Well I told him that I was not going to help him cheat. He was ready to cheat as he often said that we have to keep it a secret if we meet up.

I found out the name of his girlfriend. I actualy thought that they were going to break up and kept the contact alive. Nevertheless, I have realized that he is making a fool of me (e. g. telling me that we have to meet up etc., but then bailing...). Beforehand I stated clearly that I am not going to continue with this texting as it is not leading anywhere... he agreed and promised that it would get better and such shit. he went MIA after our last texting session and is behaving weird...
Since he was rude to me, I am thinking about telling her.. should I tell her?
I don't care if he is angry at me at all after that


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  • I recommend that you do it. Make sure that you have screenshots of what he's done, rather than just messaging his girlfriend 'your boyfriend's cheating on you' because that's just going to make her not believe you. Give her absolute proof, and prove that you thought they were breaking up too.

    If you think about it if you were in her position - would you want someone to tell you if your boyfriend was cheating? I know that I would rather know than be made a fool of. Besides, he's obviously not invested in the relationship with her if he's showing people his dick online.

    But make sure that you're not just doing it because he was rude to you. You should do it to help his girlfriend see what kind of guy she's with, not because you've been spurned.

    • I am torn... he is treating me like shit that's why I want to tell her, but I also think she deserves to know.
      I would want to know if my boyfriend did that.
      He told me that their relationship is not good, but he refuses to talk with me about her or their relationship in detail.
      Recently I've been very mean and insulting to him, but I don't care. I was very nice before he told me about his girlfriend, but then I changed. Nevertheless, he understood that I was angry, but that anger is still inside me...

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    • yes, I still have the Skype conversations which are pretty obvious...
      also, i have some whatsapp conversations

    • Yeah, I recommend sending them to her :) It's not going to be fun for her to hear, but I think that it's better for her to be upset and to know what her boyfriend's doing rather than be ignorant of it, because now she can make a fully informed decision about whether she wants to be with him or not.

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  • I wouldn't bother. I know you're mad, but that is stirring up a lot of unnecessary drama. Just stop talking to the guy! You're right, he has been stringing you along and being dishonest. He didn't even have the guts to admit his relationship situation until you gave him an ultimatum, and you're not even seeing him in person. What's the point of all this?

    At the end of the day, he's not going to leave his girlfriend any time soon, and would you really want him to? I personally wouldn't want to become the next girl he's cheating on. Things happen in life so I'm not as closed minded to say "love" can't happen with someone else in the midst of a relationship. However, he would be acting much differently toward you right now if that were true. He's toying with you, not taking this seriously.

    Also, if you tell his girlfriend, I can tell you with about 90% certainty how this is going to go. She's going to get pissed at the both of you. Then he's going to sweet talk her, and she'll stay with him, and just be pissed at you. And if she's really crazy, she'll drag your name through the mud and make you the "homewrecking whore who *tried* and *failed* to steal her boyfriend." Trust me on this. It's not worth it. Let her deal with him, and find yourself a different guy.

    • I dont really care if she gets pissed at me as long as she gets pissed at hi and that little jerk gets his lesson. I can't understand how so many girls remain blind?
      i dont care if she does that, she lives in another country. the chances are minimal. also, i can just block her from facebook. and if she is that kind of a girl, i feel sympathy for her

      it know it's not worth the drama, but I want him to suffer.

    • Unfortunately though, they rarely stay pissed at the guy for long, in these situations. She'll stay and he'll have gotten away with it. I'm not saying this is always true, but a lot of times, the girls in these relationships KNOW what kind of guy they're dating. They know he's not 100% honest and faithful, and they turn a blind eye. You bringing that to the surface threatens them, and they'll do anything they can to make you look like the bad guy, while staying in the relationship.

      That aside, I understand you want him to not get his way. I think outing him to his girlfriend makes it seem like you care too much. The best way is to stop contacting him. Many girls are too scared or weak to rid a man like that from their lives. You also have to remember to take some responsibility as well. You found out he had a girlfriend and have continued to respond. You didn't kick him to the curb. You're just as guilty as the girlfriend for letting him get away with his BS.

  • Guys do that everyday - have girlfriend and yet find another women to just entertain them online via text without any intent on cheating on their girlfriend. Of course some guys do end up physically cheating but sounds like he was just stringing you a long for his game and then when you called it and didn't want to play his way he pretty much seem to drop you. I personally would just leave it alone. If you feel like you are trying to warn her and help her that's your choice (I don't recommend it) and if you are doing it out of spite ( I really don't recommend that either) It wasn't right for him to string you along like that, but sounds like he was just playing games with you.

    • and you would tolerate this shit? I will rather be single and have flings than being with such a jerk. If this is the reality, I don't want a relationship..

      Well i think he went further, he like masturbated on Skype several times... i thought it was funny and didn't interact, but he was keen on showing me everything. Do you think this is okay in a relationship?

      Not it wasn't right for him to string me along and now he should suffer for his behaviour

    • Definitely there is nothing okay about his behavior at all...

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