How to let someone in after being hurt so many times?

Ok I'm currently talking to this guy and he seem so sweet but I just keep thinking he is going hurt me. sometimes I don't even text him back because I don't want to fall for him then end up finding out he is not who he says he is. but when I don't text back he always text me asking why am I not talking to him and that he always text first, i use to fall for the wrong guys and because of that I have trust issues i have been single for almost 4 years by choice how do I start trusting again? I don't want to push a guy that could be what I have been looking for for so long away.


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  • I have the same problem. I'm afraid to trust anyone new for fear it all not being real. There is two things you have to do and it may not be easy because during that time while you were single - it would have been ideal time to heal yourself and work on your issues. But! since you found a guy that may be good for you. When the time is right, if you have not already done so, just let him know how guys treated you in the past and just being open with him about what you went through and how you feel about him is a good start. Also don't be afraid to take things as slow as you need to. You have not really healed from what you went through and trusting someone again is going to be process. If he is sweet and caring he will be understanding and patient with you. In the mean time search out ways on how can you trust again. It might help you to start off by not comparing him to other guys or what they have done to you. Notice the ways that he is different than those other guys, go slow, be open and honest with him, and allow time to show you if he is trustworthy or not.

  • Same issue here :(


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