How do I talk to a shy/introverted girl?

So I have a date next week with this girl from my class. The thing is she's rather shy/introverted and a bit stand offish. She's a real bookworm and focuses more on school rather than socializing and going to parties like me. She also prefers to have few but close friends instead of a solid quantity of friends. Im not used to dating girls like her but I thought she was really cute and wanted to give it a shot. So far the only real conversations we've had, was after class when I walked to her car. But those conversations were only 5-10 minutes and I kinda had to try to get her out of her comfort zone. We're getting lunch in a few day... Any tips?


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  • Definitely try and get her to do the talking. Once she gets into the rhythm, she won't shut up, lol. My ex was SUPER shy. I had to ask many questions to get her to start talking. Smiling also makes girls feel at ease around you. Smile and be enthusiastic. That's what worked for me.

  • Instead of doing all the talking, get her to talk, about her points of interest and worries etc.


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