If you had something so special?

If you discovered a fully functional starship under the surface of the water at the beach one day... would anyone here on earth see your narry ass again?

  • I'd completely disappear... until i ran out of clean laundry... stupid ship can meddle with the fundamental forces of the universe, but it hasn't got a freaking laundromat...
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  • I'd gather up select friends and family, and leave earth forever...
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  • What the heck am i gonna do with a statship? do donuts around the sun or sumthin'... i guess...
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  • I'd donate it to nasa... because im a *liar*...
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  • Other...
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'll handwash my clothes in the kitchen sink if need be. I'm gone, yo.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I'd get my boyfriend and his brother and our close friends, probably close family too and go explore :) But I'd probably keep coming back home too, mostly just to buy loads of Star Trek shirts and force everyone into the right colours :P

    • What era? And no red shirts!

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    • I can't help it, we have an awesome person for security :( Maybe he could go in command too and he can be saved :P

    • No... capes... err! Redshirts...

  • I'd just walk away. Not too into space tbh.

    • "Donate to NASA", then?

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    • What do you even do with a couple trillion dollars?

    • Probably visit all the places I've wanted to visit, hire a piano teacher, buy random crap I don't need, etc, etc.

What Guys Said 1

  • I'd totally gather a small crew of my most trusted and capable mates and go and find some alien chicks.

    • Do it...

    • Come with me man, so many alien chicks to sweet talk I can't possible romance them all.

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