Why am I attracted to unconventionality, any other guys like this?

-I like girls that dress obviously slutty and act like it too. Not just for a hookup, but for me this makes me immediately envision starting a long term relationship with them.

-I like being cuckholded. For some strange reason it makes me feel liberated and lucky to be with her.

-I like older woman, like woman twice my age or more

-I like girls that don't give a crap what they look like and leave the house looking greasy and trashy. I feel special

-I like girls that take charge and act bossy. Ones that you know will wear the pants in the relationship. I like being told what to do and when to do it.

-I like feminists. Not totally sure how to pinpoint this one, I guess the sorts of girls I have just identified are all different breeds of this one

-I like single moms. I like kids and having that package that comes with it. I don't really feel the need to have my own kids. Make my my own mark.

-I think in general I like any girl that is sort of different than the herd. Not afraid to be herself, it makes me feel like if I was to settle I would be getting a good deal that I wouldn't be able to find anywhere else.

Is this weird. Any other guys like this?


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  • You seem to like what most guys don't but I do like slutty looking dressed girls though😊

    • One of the girls I like always wears these tops that come below her bra so her bra is always exposed. She also grinds up on her friends in public, like all the time. Not sure if she is legal though is why I am a bit hesitant to make the moves on her. She looks pretty young.

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    • I do like the low cut tops too where you can see the bra showing a little

    • Girls that care a lot about how they look, wear makeup, have boring hobbies, I dunno, girls that don't stand out in a crowd.

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