Is there still a way to find someone who likes me as a person and money is not as much a factor?

I have two coworkers whose partners I would say are very lucky. One of them, when she and her husband got married, he wasn't working for a big salary and he had no car. He is a lucky man, because she is good company and can help you lighten up, and they met in their late teens/early twenties when money didn't come as much into play as today. Another one, she is slim and pretty, and she is also a very nice person. She met her boyfriend at that time in life and they are still together today, and he is also not making a big amount of money. I'm not making a huge salary, and I have a 13 year old car that I had to save for a long time to get. Those two men are lucky because they are sure that they are being liked for them as a person. I'm trying to move up, but I want someone to like me for me and not what I have. Did I just miss out on the time period in life when money wasn't as much a factor?


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  • You'll find one.


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  • If she's down to sign a prenup she's not going for your money ;)


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