How can I hook up with a girl I like at a concert?

So for my freinds birthday were getting a party limo and the girl who im close with and i think may like i suprised her and got her ticket because i had a extra one. She kept insisting to pay me and im not gonna let her and she said while she is gonna pay for my alcohol then. i just feel weird if she pays for me. She said she feels bad and isn't letting me pay but i took care of it already. Asked how much it was but i dont know if i should tell her. and she told me after she loves me and im the nicest person. And invited me to her birthday dinner in a couple days and said she better see me there. But what is a possible way to hook up with her there? Like going back to my freinds house after the limo? Like a way to get her away from everyone and maybe hooking up with her. And when im there's gonna be other people and she told me she wants me to sit by her but also how to get her in the mood or something?


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  • Well I'd say your chances are pretty good

    • So when I'm with her do you know any ideas on what I could talk about on maybe hooking up?

  • Try to talk to her.

    • I'm gonna do that because she told me to sit by her and I wanted to talk to her also. But then do you know I could maybe get with her at the end of the night or something

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