Good date ideas that allow me to hold her hand?

We are more of an outdoor couple, we love going outdoors, we went on one hike but I was really nervous to physically escalate, are there any date ideas from the wonderful people of GAG? I want to hold her hand, that would make me much more comfortable with kissing her :)


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  • Women are attracted to confidence. As long as she's making good eye contact, gigging when you tease her or make a joke, or pretty much anything else that shows interest you can be confident she will be okay with holding hands.

    Just take her somewhere you two will be walking along side each other. Take her to an area with a bunch of fun shops, take her to a mall and window shop or play dress up with each other, take her to a park, doesn't really have to be anything special or mind-blowing.

    Ultimately you just have to learn to be confident and take the risk. Women are attracted to confidence like men are attracted to beauty. When you find a woman really attractive and beautiful you like her and want to get to know her, right? Women feel that same way when they see a guy who is confident and goes for what he wants.

    Think of it this way. Do you really want to waste your time with a woman who isn't even attracted to you enough to hold your hand? I mean I'm a pretty conservative guy who's decided not to have sex before marriage, but if a woman isn't at least interested in me enough to make out a bit on the first date I won't be asking her out again.

    You definitely don't want to force yourself on a woman, but if she doesn't even want to hold your hand after an hour or two of good conversation and laughter and finding things you have in common then she just doesn't like you. The idea is to spend your time with women who really like you and who value the time they have with you. And besides, women like physical touch and intimacy even more than guys do, so if she's giving you signs she likes you then she'll want to hold your hand and kiss. Just use common sense and don't rush into everything all at once.


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  • actually if she feels comfortable enough with you than any date, you can hold her hand

  • Ice skating is great for this. I know it's not outdoors, but you have to touch one another for this :)

    • Funny thing is, we both spoke about doing this, I've never skated in my life before and she said it'll be so funny seeing me fall, better for me to hold her hand there! :D Thanks!

  • If you go iceskating or rollerskating, you can get her to hold your hand to balance you and help you skate which is a good excuse :)


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