Do you ever see something sad that you think about it sometimes even after years?

Okay, I'm going to start off saying that, I don't really feel remorse for most people unless it's a big situation and I see they're genuinely hurting.
i once went to New York city and there are obviously a lot of homeless people. One time I saw this teenage girl who was homeless with her dog. When I saw her I felt really sad. More sad than usual. I don't know she just looked like she had a hard life. So I bought her food. She was so happy like she one a million dollars.
The next story:
i live in a city and sometimes you see the same people.(well if they're always downtown)
there is these two boys. One is about 6 and the other is 11. You can tell these boys are on their own. And how the older one guides the younger boy. You can tell both of them look sad all the time. I know this is a strong assumption, but I'm really good at judging people. I'm usually always right about stuff like that.
I saw them yesterday again, and they were walking in a busier area. This whole situation makes me extremely depressed.


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  • It's ok I feel the same about people like that I give them something to eat when I see them, the little things make a difference :)


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