Going Slow?

I've been talking to this guy for about 4 months now, getting to know him, and whatnot. It's long distance, we talk AT LEAST 5 hours a day, and we're very into each other. He makes me feel great, he respects me, and he wants me. I know all of this! But he's 21, and has never had a girlfriend, and says he wants to take things slow. And always says "WHEN we end up dating.." like, he can't just be with me. He treats me like his girlfriend, we aren't seeing other people. But we know each other inside and out.. what is the hold up? Is it a GOOD thing that he wants to take this slow, or does it mean something else? By all means, I know he's a WONDERFUL guy, and I'd be stupid to think I was wasting my time.. but.. am I?


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  • No your not. He's probably thinking things threw.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D


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