Is this normal to do this?

This past week, my boyfriend has been kind of pissing me off. Like on Wednesday, I asked him if he wanted to come over and he told me yes after he finishes working out. That was at 10 that morning, so I do my things and I see its already 4 and he didn't leave a text or voice message at least. I started to get worried and I was about to text him when suddenly I get a message from saying, "hey babe.'' So he already knows I'm upset because he didn't at least tell he wasn't going to make it. So then, the next day, he makes it up by buying me flowers and making some treats. And I simply explained to him that the reason I was upset was that he didn't let me know he wasn't going to come which I think is rude. And I also told him that it's okay to not see each other. And so yesterday, he leaves me hanging. We texted in the morning and then he just stops in the middle of the conversation I would say around 11 in the morning and again I'm getting worried as time passes and till this very moment, I've left him a couple of messages, asking him if he was okay or something and I still got nothing.


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  • So just keep it cool, let him message you back now. maybe he has an explanation.


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  • LMFAO What is wrong with this dude? Maybe he's had some things come up recently or he's working? I'd wait to see what his excuse is so you know how angry to be.


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