Which one should I pick?

Well there are 3 guys, one that we are in love and we've been at it for a year and some change and then the others we've been talking for about 6 months now. Two of them ask me out and I really just wanna get to know one of them still and I kind of like one of them. Should I stick with the one I love or should I just move on because the one I love, we don't go out, we just talk and say we love each other. What should I do?


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  • I think that you aren't in love. I think you love him being there for you and talking to you about things. It's not love if you have two other guys that you think you like or want to like.

    Maybe you should just take a break from your "in love" boyfriend and hang out with some new folks. People that get out and do things, but that you are still able to talk to.

    There's no rush. You have all the time in the world to find true love. In the mean time, have fun!


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  • Your too young to be in love,in lust maybe.

    It is OK to go out with three guys unless you want one

    to be your boyfriend.

    Who makes you feel good by just being with them? Pick him.


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  • Dump them both... You'll find the right one later on in life! There's no point because they're both going to break your heart.