Dad gets mad when I see my boyfriend a lot... what?

My dad gets mad when my boyfriend comes over. ( he always wants to hang out with me, normally we just watch movies all day and *dont bother my dad at all) but he yelled at me tofay becasue we hang out too much. Even if we are alone and go to the park I still get yelled at. Why is he mad? I asked him and he just said "he knows he doesn't want to go home" but really.. we have nothing else to do but hang out together.. why is he mad? Please help me put light to this..


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  • That's quite strange. If I were you I'd just straight up ask him why he's acting that way. I know you tried already but maybe you should say it in a more serious way or something.


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  • perhaps he's just worried about you.


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  • He's your dad, it's his job to protect you. He doesn't want to see you grow up and find another man. It's a dad thing don't worry