I'm so used to being single that I dont ever want to date or marry is this bad?

I'm 17 I'm a rusing senior. I'm a social outgoing person, & the funny guy in the squad. I dress in trending clothes. Its not to be cool its just because I like what trends in clothes I don't know why I just like current stuff like floral, tribal, plaid, galaxy, & jerseys. I'm also a music producer.
Its been almost two years since I gave up on dating (I gave up on Christmas 10th grade). And I've changed a lot (positively) since sophomore year. I have lots friends and I get along so much better with my parents.
The 2 reasons I gave up was bc 1, I'm tired of hearing no from every girl no matter how much effort ya boy puts in.
& 2, I've been single for 17 years, I'm so used to it now. I dont see a reason why I should have a girlfriend anymore. Loves not meant for me I was made to be single
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  • Those 2 reasons are not valid

    • Yes they are

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    • 17 ain't that young

    • It so is.

Most Helpful Guy

  • You're still in highschool. I voted bad only because you shouldn't make a decision like having no relationship in a thing. It's fine that you're single, but that removes a lot of opportunity to learn and grow from other people. I encourage people to date a lot in highschool. You learn what kinds of girls you like and don't like. So when the time comes in a few years, you won't be running around uncertain who you should be with. I didn't get my first girlfriend until I was 23. That was a choice I also made. "Why should I spend my time and money with just one girl I might not like?" So I'm not voting against you in that you don't want to have a girlfriend. But if you cut out dating all together, then it is a poor choice.

    • But I dont want to date anymore I'm used to being single

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    • Oh, I see. Well, no one can tell you what to do. Good luck with that. I give you... five years.

    • Five years till what?

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What Girls Said 1

  • Whenever I see people around your age complaining about how you'll never find love and how you are doomed for being single I honestly just laugh a little on the inside. You're still a kid and got your whole life ahead of you. Really. To say at 17 love is not made for you is a over dramatic to say the least.

    • I ain't complaining I'm done doing that I'm just asking if its wrong that I dont want a girlfriend bc I like being single I've been for 17 years so why should I date

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    • If you are 30 and still feel that way then please let me know.

    • Its the truth

What Guys Said 2

  • Dude when you hit 20 and you're still single like me then you 'might' start and complain but at seventeen saying "I've been single my entire life" when you've only been interested in girls for the past 5 or so years is rather stupid. Dude, you have every thing ahead of you. Chill.

    • I think you're getting the wrong idea I like girls there's a long ass list of why but I dont want a girlfriend period

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    • What does mgtow stand for

    • Men Going Their Own Way. It might be an interesting topic for someone like you.

  • First off your 17, why are you looking for love. You must be doing sonething wrong. Explain to me how you ask them out and please tell me you do it when its just the two of you.

    • Well I wasn't looking for love bc that comes later
      And I gave up I'm used to being single

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    • Some of se guys gave up like you and now they put all their time and effort into themselves.

    • Well I dont need to date I got friends and family that I value so I dont see how theirs anything wrong w/ me

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