How would you know if a guy lost his interest in you?

There's this guy I've been having this thing with for almost 7 months already. We rarely see each other because of our busy schedules and because we're cities apart. We text each other everyday. He acts as if he's already my boyfriend. He gives me updates of his whereabouts from time to time. I didn't ask that. I don't do that. I held back for months because I'm afraid that if I get too attached too soon, he'd lessen his efforts or what.

This month, I noticed some changes. Yes, he still send me messages everyday. But it's not the same as before. It takes him forever to reply sometimes. I just don't feel him anymore.

Am I just paranoid? Did he lose his interest in me? Or is he just being complacent? That he knows he'll still have me?


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  • I think he might've slightly lost interest in you, but not completely.


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