Girls, any texting advice?

I've been texting this girl for a few weeks, but she doesn't have long explanations, rarely asks me questions, and does answer my questions but sometimes I feel like she's letting the conversation die.


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  • 1) She isn't a texter and prefers phone calls or verbal communication of other sorts.

    2) She just doesn't like texting when unnecissary.

    3) She's not interested.

    4) She just doesn't like texting. Same as number 2 pretty much,

    Constantly talking through texts can be really tiring and iritating sometimes so she could just be trying to avoid that.


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  • She might either: a) not have a way with words, meaning she doesn't have detailed answers to everything; b) doesn't fancy you as much more than a friend or c) she's not fond of communication via text and would rather Skype or hang out with you in person.

    • she is Chinese so I could be a language thing, but honestly I don't know. Thanks for your feedback though

  • Use emoticons.

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