Why is preference called racism?

When people say they are attracted to a certain race, they are then called racist. The implication of calling them racist is that they must submit themselves to those who they aren't not attracted to, in my opinion.


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  • It's a term used by people who can't get beautiful white girls or guys like Paul walker.


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  • A preference is only racist when the person choose not to date a person from another race due to seeing them as either inferior or if it's based on racist belief, such as everyone within that race fits a negative stereotype.

    If a person simply does not find people of a particular race physically/sexually attractive, then that's not racist, since we can't help what turns us on. However it does tell us that, that person has been indoctrinated since birth on what is beautiful and what is not.

    People call others racist for such preference because to be honest it sounds racist. Unless the person goes in detail and explain why exactly they won't date someone from another race, then the phrase "I don't date X people" will always be interpreted as a racist attack.


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  • To unilaterally decide that every single member of a particular race is unattractive is inherently racist.

  • The reason why having a preference is called racist is because many
    people use the word "preference" to disguise their ugly truth.

    Some people with preferences have a extreme hatred or dislike towards other racial backgrounds.
    They cover it up by saying, they have a preference.
    I've noticed some of these people have had bad experiences with these races they choose not to date or believe a lot of stereotypes towards that racial group.

    Of course, this isn't the case for ALL people who have preferences but
    a good amount of them.

    • Some people are just not attracted to a particular race (no other reason).

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  • It's not racist at all.

    Racism is when you discrimate against somebody because of their skin colour. Not finding someone attractive is not discrimination. If a guy is gay and only attracted to men. That does not mean he is sexist towards women.


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