Girls, Would you like a guy who stands up for a friend physically who gets bullied physically?

Can't stand to see my friend get pushed around since he's smaller than everyone. I've stopped now because those people have started spreading rumors because of me helping.


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  • Honestly, I'm most impressed by a man who can influence the behavior of people around him without resorting to violence or threats of violence, but if a guy is going to get physical, self-defense and being protective of someone who seems incapable of defending himself are the only contexts in which that seems okay to me.

    • Yeah I mean I would never hit those guys unless it was a swing at him, but it's mostly pushing and tripping, and some thing where you fling someone to the ground by the neck. I can see my friends not happy, but I have tried to do something, but he keeps hanging around them, I talked to my mentor about it and he said I shouldn't interfere anymore because they will see him as more of a target, I've tried what I can. Thanks for the answer.

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  • Probably, yeah. Though it'd be pretty difficult, since I am also smaller than everyone :P But I'd at least stand with them in solidarity, even though chances are I'm going to get pushed around too.

    • I'm actually bigger enough, in fact they are afraid of me when I started standing up for him, even though I know he wouldn't do the same for me, but he's my best friend. Since they are afraid they started spreading rumors that I'm afraid will reach a girl I like. Thanks for the answer.

    • Honestly, I think you should keep defending him. They might be spreading rumours of you helping him but who cares? I know that if I had a crush on you, it'd only make me think more of you as a person and my crush would get deeper if I knew that you defended your friend who gets bullied, rather than just standing aside and let it happen :)

    • Thanks! Means a lot, rumors aren't me standing up for him though, not too sure what they are, but my friend who's getting bullied that it's something about me being a d! ckhead or something, but they don't let him in on it. I have tried talking my friend into staying away from them, but since he and them are one year above me, I can't do much during school. But I think the reason my friend hangs around them is because they are threatening to tell everyone who he likes, and he can't take the embarrassment. Anyway, thanks again Fauchelevent! :)

  • Yes. Dont let people influence you from doing what's right. Sometimes the best road is the hardest road. Stand up for your friend even if they start rumors you can ignore them and when the right girl comes along just explain it to her. Nobody cares this day and age if someone is gay or not and if they do they need to go back to 1950.


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