He's ignoring me out of nowhere. Please help?

I've been dating this guy for the past two months and things were going great, he's the sweetest guy I know and I felt that nothing could possibly go wrong. However, we went out one night about a week ago and everything went just fine, he even texted me afterwards saying that he had a great time and wanted to do something like that again. After that, I didn't hear from him at all and I kept wondering what the hell was going on. A week passed by, nothing. So I decided to text him myself and it just went like:
hi what's up
at work, bored. You?
so I really can't stop thinking about you :)

and after that he just stopped responding. And it's not like I was scaring him off by going too far with the flirty texts because we send each other texts like that all the time. I assumed that there was some reason he couldn't get to the phone, but then I saw that he kept posting on facebook and I was like what the hell? This one guy that we both know posted a status about how this girl he was going out with just stopped talking to him for no reason, and then he (the guy I'm dating) commented on it saying "yeah I feel you, like every time I start dating a nice girl, she'd be all cute and flirty at first and then out of nowhere she just disappears and loses interest" UM HELLO? I'm going insane here trying to get back in contact with him!!! I dont know what to do. I'm falling hard for him and now I'm hopelessly confused. I'm going to an event tonight that I know he'll be at (I'm not just going there to confront him, I'm a volunteer for the program) so should I just ask him to talk when I see him or would that seem pushy? Or should I just try texting again? I'm so lost and I really need answers...


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  • Sorry but he's not into you and doesn't have the courage to tell you.


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  • I would just ignore him. Don't say anything or make a scene. Two can play at this stupid ass game!


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  • Maybe he's afraid that you will leave him and break his heart like previous girls did. Sending messages might help but don't try to desperately reach out for him. I'm sure he's feeling very insecure right now and that is something he has to figure out on his own. I believe you did nothing wrong. Try to be patient, empathetic and understanding.


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