Does he want me back?

I've been seeing someone, very intensely and seriously I must admit, for a month.
Things did happen too fast and feelings got strong very quickly that we had a little argument and from there he called it off with me as he didn't want this to keep happening. This was last week.

The other day he spoke to me again, said that he's still very attracted to me and wants to see me, primarily for sex.

However, he has spoken to me every day so far since he messaged me asking to stay with him one night. He asks how my day is, what I am doing etc etc.
I originally thought he only wanted to see me for sex, but considering he has been talking to me all day and all night, surely this means he wants something with me again?

He has told me that he doesn't want me to start thinking we are going to get back together, but he is still showing to be very caring and interested in my life.

Do you think he wants to see me, perhaps sleep with me, and then see if we still get on like we did before he promises me that something will happen?

  • YES - he clearly still likes you and the sex is just a bonus to him
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  • No - purely sexual.
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  • MAYBE - he says it's just sex for now so he can make his mind up about what he wants
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  • I'm pretty sure he just wants sex. He is doing a good job at masking it so you will bone him.


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