Should the girl always win the argument? Are women always right?

Me and my girlfriend have been together for 3 years. When we argue i can't seem to win a single one lol. I usually give up and let her win. No matter what we always talk it out. But i'am wondering is the women always right in a argument? and should the guy always apoloize? what do you think?
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  • No, that's not how it works. The person with the best argument, the one who's in the right should win, and that's not always the woman. I'm usually the one apologising to my boyfriend because he can explain himself a lot better than me and I'm much more emotional so I take things more seriously than they're meant and he can logically point out that I did that. So no, the guy should only apologise if he's in the wrong.

    • I make more mistakes but not bad, like one time i spilled coffee on her white dress. But other times it wasn't so much my fault :/ once my girlfriend calms down a bit we talk about what was going. i just let her win initially aha

    • Those mistakes are just accidents, that's all cool :P An apology is polite but honestly, things like coffee spills just happen and it happens to girls all the time. It's good to give her some space first, that's a good way of doing it :)

    • i tried to wash it before i told her but it did not work >.< I told her then bought her a new one. She was surprised when i bought her a new dress. But our arguments last like 10 minutes then after that when we're calm (more her than me)... we talk about it together.

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  • Of course the woman is not always right. Winning an argument does not mean that the person who won it was actually right or had the best arguments. It could just mean that the person who won was the loudest and most determined to win for the sake of winning. How many times have you given up on an argument just because someone was being stubborn or unwilling to listen? That's not fair to you. If she does that, she should seriously re-evaluate her priorities.

    • we argue and i give up lol. but afterwards we both talk about it. I let her win so later we can actually talk about it. we don't always get in an argument. maybe like once every 2 1/2 months or something, just some stupid things.

  • No! We are not always right. Only 99.9% of the time.

    Seriously, we can't possibly be right every time. Depends on the issue.

    • lol us guys are only 1% right ahah.

      Sometimes i mess up :/ but its nothing bad. like one time i spilled coffee on her white dress as her house. I though it wasn't so big of a deal cause i wash my clothes and usually stains come out (well my mom still washes my clothes actually XD). i told her "it's ok i will wash it and it will be like new". then she said "omg no no, it won't be!". i tried... but she was right lol. So i bought her a new white dress :)

      Would you get mad?

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    • No! Never get mad. I usually laugh! It's much more fun!

    • ahh alrighty

  • no i don't think that the girl should always win during an argument!!! who should win? the one who is right!

  • No but we're right 99% of the time😄

    • lol i like this comment. Us guys are only 1% right ahah

    • Hey I've given you better odds than some of the girls here😂

    • that 1% is going to reaaaaally help me lol ;p i still love my girlfriend, sometimes i'am at fault but after she calms down a bit we both talk about it

  • Well, we are not always right and occasionally I do say I'm WRONG! lol sometimes it's just easier to think I've won even though I personally know I haven't. It's just the thought that's nice.

    • i let my girlfriend win initially, then we talk about it when she's a bit cooled down

    • Thats probably the best case scenario. If she thinks she's right, it's better that way.

What Guys Said 3

  • Its probably wise to let her win. Especially, if she is being unreasonable.

    • i let her win. then we talk about it afterwards when she cooled of aha.

  • Arguments shouldn't be about winning and losing, they should be about figuring things out. If you see it as winning and losing you aren't arguing, you are fighting.

    • we figure tings out after the initial argument

  • No, they aren't always right. They shouldn't be assholes and think a vagina is a disclaimer.

    • Lmao "i wouldn't change my opinion". "they can't leave it alone"... so true lol.. so true

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