Should I message him?

Hi there guys! So tell me if I'm being weird/creepy. My best friend and I used to work at Home Depot together and while we were working there she met this guy and their connection seemed amazing. I witnessed their encounter and them talking for the short moment that they did looked almost like destiny. But she had a boyfriend at the time and didn't pursue it beyond a work related friendship. Anyways. My bestie's boyfriend ended up being an asshole (cheating/abusive) she's a smart girl so she got out of it real quick. But here's the thing. We both found better jobs and left Home Depot and she never talked to that "meant to be" guy again. So here's what I did. She's been single for a while now, deserves someone great.. I happened to find the guy on FB but he doesn't have the "add friend" option enabled, I messaged him a little over a week ago, but I don't think he uses messenger. I want them to exchange numbers. I'm really tempted to write one of his close friends (I've gone through pictures and seen that one guy is in a bunch of pictures with him) and say that they should talk and at least be friends on FB. You know? Start some kind of friendship and see where it goes from there. Should I message the friend? or should I just let it be?


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  • yh you are being creepy and weird


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