He's not my type but I'm so into him and I can't understand why?

We've been working together for a while now, we also go out with friends and I don't know i've just been getting butterflys when I'm around him. He's not like any other guy I have ever had a crush on, he's kinda dorky and a know it all but he's also confident, funny, smart, a real leader. He doesn't try to fit in or follow the trends which is something I like. Sometimes I feel like he can see right through me and he doesn't mind saying what he thinks, good or bad. I know for a fact he likes me and im sure he has a clue that im into him by my all of a sudden shy attitude twords him, He's just so different then what I'm used to!


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  • I don't see the issue here. Whats the problem that he is different?

    • We're just so different

    • And? Would you want to date your twin?

      You can be different as long as you are on the same wavelength then thats perfectly fine.

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  • Opposites sometimes attract :)

    He is now your type.
    Usually he would have been overlooked but you seem open to pursuing things with him (I hope).


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  • Many girls attract to such guys. That's natural and normal. Give it a try


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