Girls, asked my ex out?

my ex & I were talking late last night (she works graveyards), and she was updating me on her life, saying how she is moving provinces for 2 weeks, and how her family is, etc. I told her if we could get coffee sometime, I'd really like that. She said, "Maybe". Is she hesistant/scared? It was a bad breakup, and she told me during it she never trusted me, etc. I did subconsciously neglect her & I apologized a couple of days ago.


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  • If she was interested she would have said yes. I think she doesn't want to take things further between the two of you at this point.

    • Think so? She told me she was shocked as to how motivated I had become, and even asked me "who are you?" Once she found out

    • @Asker

      Yet when given a opportunity to actually see you she could only manage a "maybe"...

      Doesn't make much sense does it.

  • If she's talking to you again she might still have feelings for you but don't ask her out again too soon because she will want to get to know you again and won't want a repeat of last time. if she asks you though in I the future I say go for it


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