Girls, Why did she hide her pof but still go online?

So I met this girl on plentyofffish and we talked for days before exchanging numbers and be they we texted for a week before we finally went out. I greeted her with a hug and we grabbed ice cream and the date went amazing! There was chemistry and we got along. I ended they date by hugging her and we kissed lightly on the lips. 20 minutes later I receive a text thanking me for the nice evening! Then I asked her out again right there and we planned a date for a Friday to shoot pool. One day she ignored me and I asked her if we were still ok (bad move I know) and she said she's not lookin for a relationship nothing serious thought she told me that which she did right on her profile and. Her messages but you know I'm going with the flow. I told her I'm ok with friends as I believe a friendships leads to a better relationship and the fact I kissed her already means she's attracted to me right? Plus I was clearly on her mind after they date as she texted me and its u likely it was just to be polite. But now the date has been cancelled as she has a busy month and so do I. I knew about her busy schedule before we even met as she warned me. Weird thing is her profile is hidden but she still goes online. Did she meet somebody else or is she just scared of getting close and feeling too much pressure from me. I made it clear that if she doesn't want to hangout with me then tell me and she said "I'm genuinely busy but I don't like the pressure of making something happen" she's also stated numerous times that she's trusted men too easily only to get hurt and to have them laugh in her face pretty much. I just need to give her space right?
Note she also said she falls way too quickly and hard for men and that's been her problem in the past. Is that a hint that she wants to go slow. Remember she's a shy girl


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  • I think she's blowing hot and cold + the fact she's still on pof means she is still out there searching for the one. Move on honey and save yourself the heartache

  • Just give her space.


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