How to tell him I really like him?

We know each other, we hang out together, He told me he likes me 3 months ago, but I didn't say anything. SO I ignored his calls on Christmas and valentines day, he might not think I like him as much, or I'm not mature enough. But the fact is I'M not open and I finally wanna open myself to him, (I'm tired of posting 100's of questions here, where no one really answers what I need) I have a problem with opening myself to people, but I really like him and I need to tell him that I really like him and want a relationship, but so not to scare him away. Any suggestions how I should say it? Example direct lines.?


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  • Walk up to him, get him away from his friends for a minute (or ask him to hang out at some place relatively private), and tell him that you like him. Add something about it taking you a while to be confident/open enough to tell him (and that this is why you hadn't told him sooner, or returned his calls on Christmas and Valentine's day).

    Then tell him if he's still interested, you'd really like to go out with him. If you'd like to go for extra bold points, ask him out at the same time. He'll be a bit surprised (particularly if he's used to you being closed off), and it'll probably take him a moment to recover enough to react. As for suggested delivery, anything that has the two of you out of public enough to talk without being interrupted should do; the exact words are not nearly as important as you getting the point across.

    • Well all this situation has led us to the friends with benefits thing, we hang out in his place (where I have met his friends, they are very nice btw)but I never invite him in my house(i don't really want my mom to meet him) but he has asked when I'm going to invite him into my place, once he said he doesn't any food in his house and asked me if I have lol I got the idea that he gave me hints of coming over my house.

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    • Yeah, he often asks how is my mom and stuff. He's the first guy I'm having the affair with (we already were sexually close) and I got no clue how to tell my parent that also he's different race, I mean I don't care, but my mom.... Well first of he has to ask me out and then I it would be easier for things to work out.

    • If you shot him down on Valentine's and Christmas, he's likely not going to come back again (and ask to go out with you). He's going to keep things the way they are (for at least a while).

      And why are you boinking someone that you wouldn't even introduce to your mother? She'll find out (assuming the relationship lasts) and then you have hurt both him (by not telling your parents) and your mother (by keeping it a secret). His race will never change; all this just makes it harder later.

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