What are signs your date/potential date is not a match?

What are some signs that you and your date may not be a match? If you feel that way, do you try and work it out or do you move onto the next one?

Here are some I felt.

-Your conversations are bland/forced as if you feel like you're interviewing the person and when he/she replies it's with one word responses and they don't do anything to further the conversation. That is painfully annoying.
-physical attraction but no common interests
-common interests but no physical attraction (they used misleading pictures)

what are your signs in these situations?


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  • You can usually tell within the first date if it's not going to be a love connection. The best dates are ones where you can naturally talk and joke. If there are lots of awkward silences and you're struggling to find anything to talk about, it's probably not a match.

    • Yeah, but one thing that confuses me is when girl seeks me out first or asks for a date but then still adds nothing to the conversation and expects me to carry it. Basically they're quiet until I'm talking, I feel like it puts pressure on me. Like I always need to have something interesting to say or I'm boring. The conversation feels forced that way.

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  • Your signs are spot on!


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