Never been on a date?

I've never been on a date but I would like to. I've been asking out girls since I was 15 but they've always said no. Got rejected by every girl for school dances. Went to college and still rejected by girls. I was in a fraternity and girls rejected me at parties.

I graduated in 2014 with a degree in economics and I work as a financial adviser. I'm currently in my second year of grad school getting my masters in finance. Female friends say I'm a "nice catch." I'm ugly so I'm assuming that's why girls don't like me. I'm a nice guy should I act like a jerk to attract girls? But that's not me and I want girls to like me for me.
Can you give me suggestions? I'm 23.


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  • Uhh that's a tough one, you sound really sweet so it's kind of pissing me off that this is happenings to you, okay I know how to help your predicament but it'll take a lot of effort... there's no way your that unattractive, so I suggest working out a lot... build it up and eat a painfully healthy diet until you have a really nice body... girls can't say no to nice guys with hot bodies, and it'll make your luck much better when it comes to girls

    • Thanks, but girls told me I'm ugly, who knew some people could be so honest lol. I'm in decent shape but I'll try to get better.

      You sound really sweet, too bad girls aren't like you where I live.

    • Hahah thanks, best of luck:)

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  • Focus on your career , make money but watch out because once you start making money, the women will be all in your face. Dismiss them and visit hookers and escorts instead because you won't ever have to wonder in your mind the reason females are interested especially if they have never been interested before.


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  • Don't act like a jerk, I don't understand why guys think that works! I'm ugly too so i get where you're coming from but aside from going on a super health kick, getting plastic surgery etc. there are a few things that as a girl i think would make a difference. firstly, it's really hard to say yes to someone if they ask you unexpectedly. drop hints first, it gives us a chance to consider it. the few times i've been unexpectedly asked out i immediately shut them down without thinking (and super regretted it later). also the language you use when you actually ask someone out is really important. what have you said in the past? if we have to clarify its a date or aren't sure then we're more likely to just say no then awkwardly ask in case we're wrong... hope this helps. good luck! you sound sweet!


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