I was off work for months due to injuries and other mishaps. I came on too strong with this girl. How do I win her interest back? or is it too late?

We exchanged numbers and texted everyday! We ck versed and had really deep conversations! We got along great! We went to the park for a walk and ice cream and the date went AMAZING! Long conversations, lots of laughing, eye contact and she seemed really interested in my life! The date ended with me walking her to her car and hugging her, we made eye contact and I kissed her lightly on the lips. 20 minutes later I get a text from her thanking me for the nice evening. Then we made a 2nd date right then and there. Long story short I think I texted her too much as she started seeming distant but I've been bored at home with no work and no life. I'm off with an injury right now. She canceled the date and told me she's not looking for anything serious so I think I put too much pressure on her. She's clearly was/is attracted to me and I just wanna get her interest back up again. She's told me that she's trusted people just to have them laugh in her face and that she's gotten attached too easily to think clearly. Are these all hints to slow down with her? She always likes my Facebook posts, she responds with enthusiasm to texts but she will ignore me now. I'm giving her space and haven't talked to her in a few days. I know I put pressure on her because I asked her that if she's having second thoughts about me and she said "I'm genuinely busy but I don't like the pressure of making something happen" so obviously I've pressured her without knowing it. Her past hurt and bad relationships make it harder for her to trust. I know we had something special I just k ow it it was so obvious. In just worried I sealed my fate and ended my chances with her. If I give her space will she come around again do you think? Her eyes and her smile just make my heart melt and she's like my dream girl and it's so hard for me not to get attached she's perfect so far. It's like I knew she was the one for me when I first laid eyes on her.


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  • Give her space.


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