How could I make myself attractive?

I'm 19 and bisexual. Yet I look like I'm 14 at most. Every person I ask out either gives m a fake number, or says it's not a good time for them, but I know that's bullshit. I've dated only two girls. The first acted repulsed when the topic of pre-marital sex came up, but after she dumped me she hooked up with a dude she described as "ugly." If he's ugly, what does that make me? the second was fine with things getting physical. But When She Had To Choose Between me and Another guy, she chose him. She said it's because he had depression and she didn't want to break his heart. But what about my feelings? The real reason she picked him is because he's a pretty boy. If I were handsome I know people would start caring about me. So how can I do it?


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  • You don't have to make yourself more handsome for people to care about you, or rather I should say if that is the only way people would seem to care about you, you don't need those type of people anyway. I don't know what you look like or what makes you feel like your not good enough, but whatever flaws you feel you need to correct just start by working on those if you feel that is necessary. Most importantly work on feeling good about yourself no matter what other people think and if there is something you want to change about yourself let it be because you want to do it for you and not to gain other peoples acceptance. Also how are you approaching people? Are you coming on too strong to quickly?


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