Why are the vast majority of women so passive?

Society expects women to be complacent. Yet, they want to fight for their careers and be assertive. I don't believe there is such a thing as assertive in your career but submissive at home. That sounds insourmountably hypocritical.


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  • Well it may sound "insourmountably hypocritical" as you put it but that pretty much sums me up to a t.
    Im pretty much OCD in my day to day life. Everything has to be a certain way and i like to be in total control of most aspects of my life.
    But in the bedroom im a submissive through and through. Its nice to give up control to someones else and not have to worry about anything (if only for a little bit).

    • That is pretty much the definition of selfish and hypocritical. Basically, you don't like doing any work if not most of the work in the bedroom.

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    • You enjoy it because society tells you to be submissive. I bet that will change when more women become president and take political positions.

    • Think what you want

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  • Lots of people have public and private personas. It's pretty common in fact :/

  • I'm not at all.


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