Why would he talk to me everyday if he is interested in another girl?

Well there is this guy that I like and which i told him that i did before I knew he was already dating a girl but they are not in a relationship. The thing is that he is texting me everyday non stop and he even says good moring all the time and we are friends but I find it weird that he does that when he is dating someone else I try not talking to him but he says that I am a very interesting person to talk to but at times we flirt and stuff. I try to hold back from that and from talking all the time bc he is dating someone and i don't want to get in between. what can I? should I just stop talking to him and stop being his friend?

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  • you're just a rebound, sorry.

    • well that was what I was thinking but thing is at times he talks to me more then he would with the girl he is dating and says I understand him more than anybody!

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    • you deserve more.

    • aww thank you! :)

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  • Be his friend.

    • thanks for your comment!

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  • He might be interested in you and torn between picking you or the girl he's already with. I think you should just confront him straight up and say "Do you want to be with me or her?"


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