When a guy borrow money from you does that mean he is using you? What is a nice way to remind him to pay you back?

We are seeing each other exclusively for 1 month. So far he pay for most dates and I pay once when we are out. I made him dinner twice. So you can say I paid 3 times so far.

We went to a market today where only cash is accepted and the ATM machine wasn't reading his card so he coulnd't withdraw any cash. He borrowed $22 from me and said he will give it back to me.

What is a nice way to remind him to pay me back? Also is this a red flag?


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  • 22 bucks is not a red flag I'd say. I wouldn't raise it as a concern or a "give me back" thing. Just ask him friendly to pay for dinner + drinks next time and call it even ;)

    • ok he usually offers to pay anyway. so should I just go silence or still say something like I will let you pay since you said you will pay me back? or something else?

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    • To be honest what he spent on me is way more than what he borrowed. Also he only borrowed cos the machine wasn't working. It was just my defense mechanism kicking in. H'es been a good boy so far

    • it's awesome that you aknowledge that you know :)

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  • u went today... so i guess he'll return yer money a few days after. don't remind him from now, unless 3-4 days have passed. so if he forgets... say it like "um... wot about those money u borrowed from me 3-4 days ago?"... not..."plz gimme back my money"

  • If it was only today don't worry about it.
    Give him a few days or so before saying anything.

    • I don't see him everyday. Next time he sess me he might forget.. not sure what should I say

    • Just be friendly about it next time you talk or see each other.

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