Is it ok if my girlfriend winds up heading out to a night club with her girlfirends drinking all night while I'm stuck working all night?

So last weekend my girlfriend was invited to a Birthday party at a big night club in south beach. I was called in to work a midnight shift for work and I figured she would maybe not go since i wa stuck at work all night out of respect. Instead she got all done up and went anyways and I felt like crap the whole night. I sort of felt disrespected in a way since I'm working earning money to spend on her and she's out getting drunk and getting hit on by guys all night. I dont mind if I'm with my friends and she's with hers, but I feel its different when one person is working. Is it my place to say she can't go to a club while I'm working?


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  • What else would she have done? She would have sat at home alone knowing her friends were out having fun. Being in a relationship is a two way street, but that doesn't mean you have to never have fun without the other person.


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