Amateurs in dating, what should I do (SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY)?

I'm 15 and he's 16. I've been having dreams almost every night about me and this guy I know having sex. He used to like me and showed interest, but I was dumb and thought he was a creep. We only talked over social media because I have a bad history with his friends. In real life he gets really shy, turns red and tries to avoid me. I believe this is because he's never had a real girlfriend. I've never had a real boyfriend either. I tried to ask him to hang out and he was all for it, but then his friends convinced him not to go and we had to call it off. I think I might like him and I really want to hang out and get to know him better to be sure. Also, these dreams are making me really want to get sexual with him, but we are both virgins and his best friend was making him insecure about it. After he called off our meeting, we sort of argued because I was hurt by how he was acting, but it didn't end on a terribly bad note. The last time we've talked was a couple months ago, but I see him around, still awkward. He's not the type of guy to want to just hook up. He acts as if he's still afraid of girls because he never hangs out with any of them, yet he shows interest in only a select few, me being one. I miss our conversations and I don't know what to do. I don't know if I should initiate anything or just move on. Our conversations were always intelligent, not very flirty. We both are amateurs at talking to the other sex and I just need some advice on what to do or talk about. He's the only guy in my life that I'd consider going out with because he was really smart and could hold a good conversation. When I have these random dreams about him, they are always pleasant and loving, they are never rough or hurtful. He also didn't tell his friends he was talking to me online, until I made the mistake of mentioning it to a mutual friend. Then our plans got messed up and here I am.

I know this says 18-24, but it's just an accident.
Another thing; he stares at me all the time, yet avoids me at the same time. especially around his friends.


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  • Ifnyou dream about him and have a deep affection... go meet him in person... don't plan it up, then you will lose the chance... go now.. right now and tell him that you have deep feelings about him before its too late..

  • Why did you think he was a creep?

    • I thought he was a creep at first because I have a bad history with his friends and my friends at the time told me that he was just like them. He never said anything rude or derogatory. I just took the bad advice.

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