Talking to a guy and he went m. i. a. what happened?

So I've been talking to this guy since April we were texting everyday then it started to slow down. He told me he liked me and another time he he Said he was happy since he started talking to me. It all sounds like lines to me. He's originally from the same state i am but he lives in new york now. I heard from him Monday and haven't heard from him since. Should i just leave this alone?


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  • Guys always react more harshly to people we like. If he's no longer closer to you, it puts a strain on him and makes it harder for him to want to message. I can't read his mind, but he could just be taking a few days off or after getting your texts he just decided to text you later. Sorry this is happening to you and good luck


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  • Text him and ask how he is

    • I did and no response. Two days i said Goodmorning and later in the afternoon asked how is he and no response.

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