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There is this guy I like at work

we are cool we, make jokes, laugh and talk about personal stuff or topics I told him he would bring it up and talk about what happened. So today at work I was on break and heard one of my female coworkers talking and she said he talks to a lot of girls outside work I have a feeling he does but when Me and him talk at work I'm like the only girl he talks to about personal stuff or gets attention I am good looking and attractive and so is he.

I just have a feeling he talks to a lot of girls I think so because he's single and can do whatever he wants because most of my co workers told me he's a hoe and gets around but when I talk to him about it just as a friend thing he doesn't seem that way not that I know of... He always texts me also they told me he doesn't want a relationship but why doesn't he tell me that its like I don't see that side everyone says how he's a hoe and get around he's single and I'm single I like him but I

don't want to text him and ignore him because we work together and its hard to ignore him. What should I do? He never brings up other girls on who he is talking too.. I don't know what am I to him? Should I text him? I really like him but I wanna keep our friendship low key at work.


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  • Texting him can't hurt. It's possible he does get around but talking to him outside of work can't hurt you. If your interested then you should pursue it. If your worried then just take it slow.


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  • He haven't said that he is not interested in relationship at the moment bec he doesn't feel that he has to or it's just wasn't brought up. Your opinion of him is diff from others bec everyone has diff relationship with one another (topics to talk about, how long two people together etc) and it depends on your compatibility (in terms of att). Other may see him as such either they just believe in gossips or they saw it themselves that caused them judge him immediately. You know him personally, so it's up to you to believe it or not.
    There's nothing wrong with texting. It doesn't imply right away that you are after him (clingy or such). Do you think you like him one-sided or not? Do you have this feeling he might like you (i know u mentioned u aren't sure)? If you wanted to talk to him, you can.

    • I like him for sure its just I see opposite but then again i don't know who he texts and it shouldn't matter because we're not together but I feel like if he saw me as a friend he would tell me who he likes or who he talks too but he doesn't say nothing its like everything is focused on me when I'm around him. And those girls at work yes they gossip lot and is everyone business but I keep everything to myself but people at work say they can tell me and him got something going on just by talking and being around each other.

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    • Do you think he's a player?

    • There's a possibility if there are stories that proves it but it is also possible that it's in the past. That's also what I think of right away in a guy and it's hard to tell unless you have been with him for a long time.
      Just be cautious but don't be afraid to try or you'll end up thinking "what ifs"..

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  • I think you should be wary of him but proceed with caution.
    Don't completely disregard what other people are telling you about him because it is possible.

    I think this is one of those things that you have to see for yourself.
    Sometimes people have a way of fabricating things because they are jealous of the attention you are receiving from that individual.

    I think you should feel him out yourself and make your own judgment.

  • Keep it lowkey you dont want things to get awkward


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